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How to keep a bike in good condition


At Ebike Málaga, we want to help you keep your bike in the best shape, at all times. Even if it is mandatory for a professional to check your bike / electric bike every 6 months - more or less, it depends on the use of your bike. Here is a list of small things you can do yourself to avoid accidents and save money


Regular maintenance of a bicycle reduces the risk of accidents due to broken or malfunctioning bicycle parts.

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Crooked wheel
Componente de bicicleta

Pick up the bike and turn the wheel. Look at the space between the rim and the brake pads. If the gap is constant, the wheel is not crooked, it is ready to run. If it is bent, you may have one or more loose spokes, or other problems. You need the bike to be checked by a professional.

The saddle
Componente de bicicleta

The saddle should be placed as horizontally as possible to avoid weight imbalance forward or backward. Do not pull the seat tube up to the maximum. At some point, the frame of the bike where the tube is slided - the seat tube holder - will crack and break, and this can lead to a fairly serious accident. And high costs.

The steering set
Componente de bicicleta

Lift the bike by the handlebars, brake front and rear and shake the handlebars. You should not feel any movement in the direction. This also checks whether the wheel is securely attached to the bike.

Brakes and wheels
Componente de bicicleta

Check the general condition of the brake pads and their position on the wheel.
Checks tube pressure and tyre condition - hernia, cut, wear, etc.

The rear derailleur
Componente de bicicleta

Turn the pedals counterclockwise. If the indexing is adjusted properly, the chain will not make any noise.

The transmission
Componente de bicicleta

Place the pedals horizontally and hold the tips of the cranks - not the pedals - and then operate them from the side. You should not feel any strange movements.


This is a more in-depth review, ideally monthly, that you should do to your bike. The bicycle should be regularly lubricated and greased, and all screws should be tightened, Screws and bolts must be tightened frequently - especially on the wheels, but also on the handlebars, saddle and brakes.

The brakes
Componente de bicicleta

They must work properly and without problems. Obvious, isn't it? The first thing is to check the condition and tension of the cables, their wear and tear and the position of the brake pads. Brake handle travel and adjustment. Tightening and adjustment of the calipers.

The wheels and mudguards
Componente de bicicleta

Check the condition of the rim, the tension of the spokes and if the wheels are twisted.. Check if all the screws are tightened.

Componente de bicicleta

Condition and pressure of the tires - they must be regularly re-inflated, respecting the pressure given by the manufacturer, indicated on the sides of the tires.

Chain and derailleur
Componente de bicicleta

Adjust the stops. Check the condition and tension of the general cable. Check its general wear and tear and lubrication.

Componente de bicicleta

Make sure there's no slack in the steering tube.

The gears
Componente de bicicleta

They must change without any problem. It can lead to a dangerous situation in case of a chain jump. due to poor maintenance of the transmission system - chain + derailleurs + skids + gears.


The different components of the bicycle

There are a wide variety of types of bicycles. The differences are usually in the frame, but also in the types of components. The biggest variations can be in the brakes - disc brakes, pads - both mechanical and hydraulic, gears - internal or external. That says, you will find all the basic components in our illustration. It will help you understand which components we are referring to when we talk about what needs to be done to keep your bike running perfectly.

Componantes de bicicletas
  1. Handle
  2. Bell
  3. Gear lever
  4. Brake lever
  5. Handlebar
  6. Basket
  7. Front light
  8. Brake caliper
  9. Brake pad
  10. Mudguards
  11. Fork
  12. Hub
  13. Spokes
  14. Rim
  15. Tire
  1. Valve
  2. Frame
  3. Chainring
  4. Pedalier axle
  5. Crank
  6. Pedal
  7. Closing bracket
  8. Closing clip
  9. Saddle
  10. Luggage rack
  11. Rear light
  12. Internal shifts
  13. Chain
  14. Chain Guard
  15. Rear brake
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