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Our brands of electric bikes

We have a wide choice of electric bikes and brands available in our catalogue or in store. From small folding bikes, mini budgets, to pro bikes with German components. French quality, Italian style, German guarantee, Spanish look, our store is international.
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Our bike shop

Tell us your way of life and we will tell you which electric bicycle you need.

Our bike shop represents prestigious brands such as Fantic , Neomouv, or a high quality national brand such as UrbanBiker .
We have all shapes and sizes. But above all, we're here for you. More than a bike shop. We also have a repair shop open every day . If you have any questions or problems with your electric bicycle, we are here to help beyond the electric bicycle warranty.

Free trial with us

If you are not sure what type of electric bicycle can best suit you, you can always enjoy a free trial with us We also rent electric bikes and have different models for you to try. And you could even keep the bike overnight, go to work and see if this electric bike can be yours.
We want you to see how great your life with an electric bicycle could be. .
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Our bike workshop

We offer full after-sales service! If you buy your electric bicycle with us the first revision is free of charge... In addition, in case of any problem, our shop is open every day.
Our repair shop is also available to everyone. We are able to solve any mechanical problem of electric bicycles and electric scooters. Flat tyres, brakes, handlebars, etc...

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