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Urbanbiker is a Spanish brand born in 2011 with a clear philosophy: to offer the best mobility solution for the city. Since then, they have focused all their efforts on the manufacture, distribution and sale of electric bicycles for the urban environment. They currently offer one of the best quality/price ratios on the market. Always betting on quality, they work with well-known and contrasted brands to always offer you the best and the latest in the market. Therefore, for mechanical components they deal with brands that guarantee the quality, design and robustness of all their parts: Prowheel, Selle Royal, Tektro, Velo, Promax, Shimano revoshift, Schwalbe Marathon... For electrical components (motor, controller, batteries, brake sensors, PAS sensor and displays), work with suppliers who carry out their tests in Germany with the certification agencies TÜV and SGS and thus be able to offer a two-year guarantee. All electric bicycles developed and manufactured by Urbanbiker are based on 3 essential principles: quality, efficiency and economy.



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