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During this period of confinement we're all thinking about how we're going to deal with our future...
The human being is not naturally capable of change, if the change does not occur in a comfortable and simple way, making our lives easier.
Fortunately, thanks to new technologies, we can evolve, keep reducing the cases of Coronavirus infections, while still letting the earth breathe, and us with it!


  1. The most appropriate mode of transport in the current sanitary crisis
    • Exposure to infection is reduced or eliminated.
    • Unlike public transport, or car sharing, you are not in direct contact with people. You're very much less exposed to the risk of contamination - any type of infection or virus, no longer just the Coronavirus.

    • Moving around the city faster than the car/metro/bus
    • Yes, electric bikes are equipped with technology that can reach up to 25km/hour - or more, and avoid traffic jams.
      Who doesn't pull out his hair when the traffic light turns green, you go two meters ahead and get the red light again? On an electric bike, you're free.
      No more dependence on public transport, nor the departure times of the buses, nor the thousand subway stops before you reach your destination.

    • Less car = less pollution
    • While this argument may not be the most poignant for some, it remains a fact.
      Fewer cars moving through the city per day = less pollution.

  1. The mode of transport adapted to our urban environment
    • The Costa del Sol, a climate more than suitable for cycling
    • The Costa del Sol, a climate more than suitable for cycling. An average of more than 300 days of sunshine a year.
      Personally, I prefer the comfortable push I get from my electric motor outdoors to the gearshift, 1, 2, 3, 2, 3 of my gearbox, in a metal box.
      More fun.

    • Urban environment favourable to traffic on two wheels
    • Malaga, with its long and famous bicycle lanes, kilometres of promenade and wide avenues is ideal for cycling. Its zeal for the green city will offer us more and more space for cycling...
      At last, we look forward to it!

    • Family Travel
    • If you have kids, perfect. Electric bikes give you a chance to take your whole little world with you.
      Lots of options: the kart if the child is older or for two little ones. It can be heavy with a conventional bike, but with an e-bike this is no longer a problem.
      The engine will do all the dirty work for you!
      Baby seats, for the little ones. They are adjustable to all types of bicycles, as long as they are equipped with luggage racks. If you opt for a sports bike, the front baby seats are another option.
      Do your kids know how to ride a bike?
      This is also an option... There are electric bikes of all sizes.
      You can also choose the option of folder e-bikes it will grow up with the child! As there frames are small, they can be adapted to all sizes.

    • Multipurpose transport mode - Work/Leisure
    • When you choose your electric bike, think about every possible use you can make of it.
      Every day, to go to work. But not only!
      The new models of electric bicycles also offer the possibility of practicing sports.
      Or, if you're really not that sporty, think about what use you could give your bike on the weekends.

  1. Mode of transport adapted to your wallet
    • Infinitely cheaper than any urban transport
    • Daily trips on an electric bike offer you enormous savings.
      If you are one of those who use public transport, you save the price of your 2 daily trips. That's a lot of beers!
      If you travel by car, you save on gasoline, parking, but also hours and hours between traffic jams or looking for a parking space. As everyone knows, time is money! And even more wine glasses!

    • Flexible Options: Buy or Rent?
    • Not sure what you need, or even if this means of transport is right for you? Try a rental. It's the best way to know if you want to evolve during this 2020.
      If you live on the Costa del Sol, you can benefit from the special price of weekly rentals so you can try out different models without getting ruined - proof of residence will be required -
      Click here to see our models of electric bikes available for rent.
      An electric bike adapted to your lifestyle will give you the opportunity to enjoy its benefits much more.
      Tell us a little about the life you live and we'll be happy to advise you.
      You can also click here to get an idea of all the models for the different lifestyles possible.

Finally, keep in mind that this means of transport can save your life!
Let´s evolve together!

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