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Seven days Metro Man Fantic

Foto electric bike

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PVP 2.999 €

The Fantic SEVEN DAYS METRO Man is Fantic's most urban model. It combines Italian design with retro airs together with the Italian technology provided by its BROSE engine and a 500 Wh battery. Elegance, power, autonomy and comfort.
This man version with high bar provides robustness for slightly more sporty driving. Perfect for carrying saddlebags and comfortably transporting your personal belongings on your urban journeys.

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Technical info

  • Motor: Brose 36v. Max Power: 250W. Torque: 90 Nm
  • Battery: 36 Volt battery, 500 Wh
  • Display: Brose Multifunction and Power Management Unit
  • Frame: Aluminium ( low bar ) Sizes: S-M-L
  • Wheels: Pneumatic 27.5" x 3,0 bicolor
  • Gears: SRAM GX 10v
  • Transmission: 10 Speeds
  • Chain: E-Bike specific KMC X11
  • Front brake: SRAM Hydraulic level, 180 mm disc
  • Rear brake: SRAM Hydraulic level, 160 mm disc
  • Power: FSA
  • Handlebar: Fantic ergonomic
  • Tija: Fantic 31.6 mm
  • Saddle and cuffs: Honey-coloured Montegrappa cuffs, matched to the saddle
  • Address: FSA No. 57 Semi-Integrated Orbit, 1.5" - 1" 1/8
Details picture
Foto de detailles de la Bicicleta Electrica
Foto de detailles de la Bicicleta Electrica
Foto de detailles de la Bicicleta Electrica
Foto de detailles de la Bicicleta Electrica

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