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wheel's punctures?

How do I keep from puncturing my electric scooter wheels?
That's a very good question! Flat tires are the curse of electric scooters. However, if you take a few good habits, you will be able to reduce them considerably. This article will help you understand where the reasons for your repetitive flat tires come from and how to avoid them.

  1. Why do my scooter wheels keep puncturing all the time
    Most of your scooter wheels will puncture because they are under-inflated. As a result, the tire folds with your weight and the inside of the wheel gets damaged. The protective rubber disappears and your inner tube is in direct contact with the metal fiber of the tire. See pictures 1 and 2. This means that, in addition to puncturing the inner tube, you will also have to change your tire! That's annoying!
    Another common reason for a puncture is when, over time, the inside of your tire wears down. In this case, the tire and the inner tube must be changed anyway.
    The third reason, bad luck. And yes, the classic one. The little piece of glass, the metal spike that gets in your way. In the end, it's not necessarily the biggest reason as one might imagine.

  2. What kind of a puncture has my scooter?
    You inflate in the morning and your wheel is flat at night? It's a slow puncture. The rubber in your inner tube is damaged and porous. So the air comes out very slowly, without making any noise. If the mechanic repairing your wheel is careful, he will check the condition of your tire inside and advise you (or not) to change it too.
    Are you deflating quickly? It's clearly the little piece of "bad luck" glass. In that case, all you have to do is change the inner tube. It's a bad for a good, it allows you to check the condition of the inside of your tire.

    Can you clearly hear the air coming out of your inner tube? The valve of this one is broken, see picture 3. Either it has been incorrectly fitted from the start, or your wheel is deflated and the valve has slowly shifted. Or you took a curb too quickly and the shock broke the valve... And yes, you need to drive more slowly!

  3. How to avoid flat tires.
    Drive well inflate! Pressure's at 4 bar. If your scooter wheels are always at the right pressure, you will avoid a lot of problems, Then drive slowly over any cracks, bumps, but especially when you are climbing a sidewalk. Ideally, you should even get off the scooter. Checked that the valve stem is at 90 degrees. Avoid being overweight on the scooter. They are not made for 2 people!
    What about the puncture-proofing fluid?
    Why not. That said, it' s only going to save you for the little thorns. If your scooter repairman doesn't charge you too much, it might prevent you from getting a flat tire.

  4. Are plain solid wheels a good solution
    Yes and no. For the rear wheel, no problem. It'll give you 50% less chance of puncturing your scooter. However, for the front wheel, it's really not recommended! Solid wheels are rigid. They, therefore, lose their ability to absorb shocks. The front wheel is the one containing the engine. With the solid wheel, the motor will take all the shocks directly, and therefore will break, sooner or later. Unless you want to buy a new scooter, don't put full wheels on the front, even the so-called "engine friendly" ones. It remains very stiff, and no matter what the manufacturers say, it doesn't absorb shocks like the inner tube.
    In conclusion, drive inflated!

  5. Where can I get my scooter fixed?
    At Ebike Malaga. In the center of Malaga, Calle Casas de Campos, 2, 29001.
    The shop is open from Monday to Sunday, from 10 am to 7 pm non-stop. You can drop off your scooter at any time during business hours. The mechanic is at your service from Monday to Friday. If you drop off your scooter in the morning, it will be repaired during the day!
If you want to see our prices, click here or write us click here!

Posted by Angy on March 6, 2020

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