Electric bikes Montana for sale in Malaga

The MONTANA company was founded in 1968 as a manufacturer of typewriters and children's bicycles in parallel.
In 1977 a terrible fire destroyed half of its production plant: everything seemed lost, but with enormous sacrifice and willpower, the MONTANA brand was lifted up, dedicating itself entirely to the production of bicycles.
Today they assemble every year 80 / 90,000 bicycles within each of their modalities.
There are three registered brands: MONTANA, the historical brand dedicated to commercial bicycles of all types; VEKTOR and VKT, for the high range applied to both bicycles and electric bikes.
Una marca histórica. Una empresa motivada en asegurar el mejor producto posible para aquellos que solo sienten amor y pasión por la bicicleta.
They have Polini, Brose and Bafang engines. A genius in the world of E-Bikes, as they all make the assisted pedalling silent and vibration-free. They make a perfect fusion with the chassis, distributing the weight so that it does not affect driving ability.
In the Polini case the elegant design improves the technical details, with an aeration filter, the arrangement of the tripod accessories, the access for gear lubrication which extends the life and keeps the motor less noisy and the possibility to mount also the double crown on a racing or gravel bike
In the case of Brose the engine is made in Germany, a guarantee in itself. Equipped with a continuous nominal power of 250 watts, the maximum torque of 90 Nm, a brushless inner rotor and a weight of 3400 gr. High operational safety due to fail-safe mechanisms
For the Bafang The weight is not excessive, only 3.8 kg. 250W with a high torque equal to 80 nm, offering the possibility of configuration depending on the type of bike: for lovers of sports riding and track serves power: the MTB will be programmed for perfect use on dirt roads and hard tracks. For the ride it will be delivered with a very useful propulsion system: a natural feel and a smooth ride to give maximum comfort during the use of the e-bike.


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