How to choose an electric bicycle?

Everything you need to know to choose your electric bicycles

At Ebike Malaga, we help you choose your electric bike according to your needs and budget. This article is intended to give you all the information you need to choose the right electric bike, whether you buy it from us or from another store.

First of all, make sure that the store where you buy your bike has its own repair shop. Even if you buy a good quality electric bike, you will still have to make small adjustments, but also, a revision every 6 months. It will then be much easier to make these repairs if your store has its own repair shop.
In addition, you can be directly advised by the mechanic.


You have a very small budget.

Wait a little bit! And save a little longer. We strongly recommend that you buy at least the medium range (from 750€). There is no secret the cheaper it is, the more problems you will have. Yes, you can find electric bicycles around 500€-600€, but the components, the battery, the engine will be unreliable. If you use the bike in hilly areas, it will quickly fail you. If you only drive on a flat surface, the low quality may eventually do the trick...Possibly


The danger of a second hand is that the battery life cycle is sometimes already worned out. Despite what the seller tells you, you will never know how long the battery will last. A new battery, if it can be found, costs around 350€. Do the math! If your battery fails you after 2 months your electric bike will have cost you more than a new one.
As professionals in the sale of E-bikes, we do not recommend that you purchase a second hand unless you are completely sure of the information provided by the seller. This will give you a real estimate of the life of your battery.



What shape of bike is right for me?

It all depends on what you're going to do with the bike. The shape of the frame has nothing to do with the quality of the electrical components of course.

Folders electric bikes for sale in Malaga

The folding electric bicycle. Perfect for small spaces. In general less long and especially less high than a normal bike even without being folded. This type of electric bicycle fits more easily in elevators. And of course, folded, in your car.
The wheels, usually 20 in size, can give the impression of being on a less stable bike, but you get used to it very quickly. We do not recommend smaller diameter wheels unless you ride your bike very slowly. The smaller the wheels, the easier it is to lose control. The 20 diameter remains the best size/comfort/safety ratio.

Foto de la mini folder de UrbanBiker
A little safety parenthesis
Speaking of everything a little... Electric scooters are very dangerous in this sense. The wheels are 8.5 and the scooters can run up to 22km/hour. The size of the wheels combined with the speed makes them very unstable. For the record, an electric bike will push you at 25km/hour. The wheels range from 20 to 28 in diameter. So if you go for electric scooters, wear a helmet, and keep it slow!
The urban electric bicycle, Dutch type

The best in terms of comfort. Equipped with 26 or 28 diameter wheels, often with standard basket or luggage rack. Very suitable for women or Scots - and yes, the frame with the low bar is very practical for cycling in skirts.
Generally large in size, it is impractical for elevators but very convenient for urban travel.
In the innovations of shapes. We now have the folding urban ebikes. Like the famous UrbanBiker's Mini. This type of electric bicycle combines the advantages of folding - height/weight - and the comfort of getting on and off the bike. Thanks to the low bar. 
Thank you UrbanBiker! Brilliant idea!

Foto de bicicleta eléctrica urbana plegable
The electric mountain bike

You're a sportsman. Okay, but don't stay stubborn! The electric bike will allow you to get to the essentials faster. And also, further on.
You want a mountain bike just because you like the style but not really to do high level sports, you can stay on the mid-range. On the other hand, if you are a fan of the trip of several tens of kilometres in mountainous ground, put a price on it! We are talking about at least 1500€. Or more. You want bicycles with a high electrical autonomy, for the simple reason that the climbs use much more energy.
Why an electric mountain bike? They're fun! No more that reputation that electric bikes are for old people. No more that reputation that electric bikes are for old people.
Manufacturers' innovations today are not just related to electrical technologies. Now you will find some folding mountain bike models. The practicality of the models excuses a less pleasant design than non-folding models such as the Ebroh Thor. On the other hand, the folding side is really practical for long weekends with a car start!

foto de bicicleta eléctrica de montaña
Trekking electric bicycles

Like the sport models, don't skimp on the price. We are talking about at least a budget of 1500 euros to be sure of the quality of the components.
The battery life will be your greatest ally. This type of bike is made to stay on the road, and go far away. It must therefore combine comfort and autonomy. In Spain, the best value for money, the most locally produced, remains UrbanBiker's Viena

Foto de bicicleta eléctrica de trekking



In the urban environment of the Costa Del Sol, an electric bicycle can completely replace a car. Saving time on daily trips, saving time for parking, no need for insurance.
In short, it can be your everyday ally to go to work - without getting sweaty - and without the stress of traffic jams. 
From a sporting point of view, mountain bikes allow you to go further. It is up to you to know how to keep the assistance to a minimum so that it only supports the excess weight of the bike, by letting you make efforts and burn calories.
The creativity efforts of suppliers now allow you to combine the advantages of urban/folding, sports/ trekking, sports/ folding...


They catch the eye, so the robberies. We recommend that you protect your electric bike as if it were a motorcycle. Padlocks and anti-theft alarms will help you to keep your mind at ease. This adds a cost to the bike, but it is essential..
The weight of electric bicycles is less and less annoying for 2 reasons:
  • First of all, they are lighter and lighter even if we are still far from the weight of a normal bike.
  • Secondly, the screens and levels of assistance are becoming more and more accurate. So you can adjust the assistance to support the extra point of the battery, engine and other electrical components while working as if you were on a normal bike.
When the problems start, very few garages will be able to repair your bike. If you bought on the internet, you will be alone in the world. If your store does not have its own repair shop, it will be difficult to have your bike repaired.
Our advice, that your store has its own workshop. He will therefore be able to order and install the parts on site. This is a huge time saving, and also a great security. This is a great time-saver, and also a great security.
Let us now get to the heart of the matter. Electrical components. How does it work? What should I look for when I buy?


The battery... And how does autonomy work?

Battery capacity is expressed in watt-hours - Wh - generally between 300Wh and 600Wh. Logically, the higher the watt-hour number, the longer the battery life. The technical data sheets of the bicycles will give you a number in ampere-hours - Ah, expresses the duration - and in volts - V, expresses the tone of the battery. It is by multiplying the ampere hours by the volts that you will have an idea of the watt-hour range.
However, many factors vary The weight of the person, whether you are cycling on a flat surface or uphill, what level of assistance you are using.
The batteries are less stressed when the engine is central because it is equipped with a current regulator. Perfect, you will tell me!
Yes, and no, it is also much more likely to fail, especially in the mid-range range. If you have an average budget opted for a motor in the rear wheel instead. It will have a slightly faster wear effect on the chain and gearboxes but in the end, it will cost you less.

Integrated, semi-integral or extractable battery?

All three have advantages and disadvantages. Extractibles are more generic, so for the moment easier to find. We recommend the vertical ones. The law of gravity imposes, with time and shocks,this battery will resist better than the horizontal ones. In addition, with the extractable battery, you don't need to have a plug where you park your bike.
On the other hand, the integrated battery has the advantage of not moving with time. They are more suitable for sports bicycles because they are more resistant to shocks. However, it is mandatory to have an electrical plug at the place where you park your bike. In this way, the semi extractable stays the best compromise. The advantage is also that we are seeing more and more of them. It does not need to be removed every 5 minutes to recharge, but it stays easy to remove. They also generally appear stronger.

Foto de batería de bicicleta eléctrica


Engine types

Front or rear? The feeling of the central engine is similar to that of a normal bicycle. If you choose this type of engine, put the price on it or you will have problems more easily. As for the engines in the rear wheels, which were once poorly viewed, this is a very interesting option today The engine is activated after the first pedal stroke, so there is a small delay between the cyclist's action and the start of the battery. However, this time lag is getting shorter and shorter in terms of time.
The motors must not exceed 250Watt. In the case of a more powerful engine, you will have to put on a license plate, stay on the road and wear a helmet. Electric bicycles with more powerful engines are considered as motorcycles.

Foto de motor de bicicleta eléctrica



You have all sorts of them. In general, they give you information such as the number of kilometres driven, the speed at which you drive and the remaining range. Sometimes you can get more information but it will still be gadgeting.

Modes of assistance

They go with the engine. The central motors have a more progressive assistance. They will release the electrical force according to the effort you put into it.
The motors in the rear wheels will release the electrical energy according to your choice on the display. Depending on your display, from 1 to 3 or from 1 to 5.

Foto de pantalla de bicicleta eléctrica
The lights

Depending on the brands, they will be dynamo, connected to the engine, or battery powered.
The best one stays on battery. Over time, they are easier to change and less expensive. It's more basic, but at least it works and it's more convenient to change.
As for the dynamos and lights connected to the engine, you will need to take your bike to the garage for repair or replacement. So, more expensive, and more complicated! The simplest is the best.

Foto de luces de bicicleta eléctrica


Essential elements of your bike. They ensure your safety but also your comfort!
Several types of brakes are available to you. Mechanical or hydraulic, with discs or skids. Knowing that your bike weighs more with the electric system, and that you will gain more speed, take good care of your brakes. On wet ground, disc brakes are the most effective, whether they are skid mounted or hydraulic... In Malaga, it is not really a problem, or, rarely.
Hydraulic brakes require more maintenance with regular bleeding every 6 months, 1 year depending on your use. This type of brake is more expensive, but has a much longer service life and proven driving comfort. The Shimano brand remains the most renowned and reliable brand, whether disc or skid mounted.
Mechanical skid brakes, i. e. with cable control on the handlebars, are more rudimentary. Just as efficient, but more raw. It is imperative to change the skids regularly because of the speed of the electric thrusts. When the skid rubbers are worn, they damage the rim on which they rely to brake. Then, dug or damaged rims will affect the quality of braking and make noise even if the brake pads are new. Depending on your use, they should be changed every 3 to 6 months. However, they have the advantage of being light, inexpensive and easy to change.
Disc brakes. They remain a good option for electric bicycles. Hydraulics will be more expensive than with a cable but more reliable and efficient. The inserts are either made of composite resin or metal. Disc brakes have the advantage of being slower to wear than skid brakes.

Foto de frenos de bicicleta eléctrica


Two systems are available to you. Cassette derailleurs or in the hub. However, the cassette derailleur is much more common on electric bicycles. It is more accurate, stronger and easier to maintain even if it is more likely to be damaged because it is outdoors.
The hub derailleur is more suitable in urban areas. It contains many fewer gears (in general) and is more complicated to change in case of problems.

Foto de cambios de biciclea eléctrica


As long as the motor does not exceed 250W, your electric bike is considered a normal bike. For the rest, you will have to respect the standards in force as any cyclist or citizen.
Click here for more information on standards in Malaga.

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