Sale of electric bicycles Biwbik in Malaga

Biwbik is a brand of electric bicycles that offer an unbeatable price. They have a logistics and technical service center located in Murcia, but they can be found in Malaga thanks to Ebike Malaga.
Their electric bicycles have all the certifications required by the European Union to electric vehicles in terms of both manufacturing regulations and safety standards.

One of the main tricks this company plays with is that they can produce very stylish models within the world of ebikes, but offering some of the most competitive prices within the market.
This means that more and more people are interested in their products and bet on this brand.
They have urban-type models such as la Gante - click here to see the models - a very stylish version of the classic Dutch-style touring bikes. Including a matching basket with its leather saddle and cuffs set.

They also have mountain models like the Surak E-bike - click here to see the models - a blue lightning equipped with double suspension. A model with which, thanks to its BAFANG M500 Central Engine, you can walk trails and make every day an adventure. With an enormous torque of 95 Nm, it offers constant, powerful and efficient support.
But where Biwbik is really outdoing other brands is in the world of folding bikes. It's in these types of electric bikes that they've bet heavily and managed great results.

They make perfect folding bikes for everyday use. They have very light models that, in addition to their small size, have optimal engines at unbeatable prices.
The model Book 300 - click here to see the models - is one of the best folding models for urban environments, with its steel frame that gives it great strength and a perfect finish.
The model Traveller 2.0 - click here to see the models - in the city, as it folds up to fit into any hole in the house, or in a trunk. And you always have the possibility of being able to put it in other means of transport, such as buses or trains.

Another recent BIWBIK option is the Traveller All Road - click here to see the models. A model also ideal for your urban rides, but with the option of being able to cross different types of terrain thanks to the thickness of its Fat-type wheels. Stronger and more resistant than its sister Traveller 2.0, this bicycle with huge wheels adapts to any type of terrain, including beach sand.


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