Electric bike rental in Malaga center

Urban, sport and foldable bicycle

Why should you try an electric bike?

  1. In the centre of Malaga

At Ebike Málaga, we offer you the possibility of renting an electric bike in the centre of Málaga. Or, if you are looking to buy one but want to try it out before investing, or simply if you want to have fun in your free time.
Even if you want to keep doing sport, e-bikes are good for you. You just need to manage the display, and the electric power will help you more or less. As you wish! Contact us to learn more about our electric bike rentals and sales

  1. Why should I try an electric bike?

Bicycles are the future! They are a great alternative to cars or public transport. They are cheaper, environmentally friendly and fast.
Last but not least, they are pure fun!
If you are looking to buy an electric bike, our rental option is a great opportunity to choose the right model. Futhermore, at Ebike Malaga, if you buy an electric bike, we'll deduct the first two days.

  1. An original activity for your free time.

If you are looking for a fun activity for your weekends, renting an electric bike is an original way to spend your free time.
You can also check our special offer bike tour plus rental, with which you start your day on a guided tour, and then you keep the bike for the rest of the day. Maybe during the tour you'll discover that you didn't know Málaga as well as you thought you did!

  1. Are electric bikes suitable for children?

Yes, of course. If your child is over 1,45 m tall and can ride a bike, we have small models for children. If you have smaller children or babies, we offer free baby seats and helmets. We also have a baby cart available for rent.

Our models of electric bicycles for rent

Modelo de bicicleta eléctrica urbana

Electric city bike

Elegant bike that has the best components of our electric bikes. It is the most comfortable and convenient due to the ease of riding. The Urban model is a bicycle designed for the city.
Exists an option with an accelerator

Modelo de bicicleta eléctrica Sidney

Sidney electric bike

Ergonomic components, with a Dutch style handlebar that provides a straighter and more comfortable driving position. The Selle Royal gel seat and front shock absorber provide a comfortable and enjoyable driving style.

Modelo de bicicleta eléctrica plegable

Electric folding bike

Very comfortable and convenient, it has 3 pedal assistance modes and a 6-speed Shimano gearbox. It is perfect for transporting it on the train, bus, in your car or for your children, who must be over 1.45m tall.

Modelo de bicicleta eléctrica Viena

Electric bike Vienna

Our UrbanBiker Vienna is made for long trips on electric bicycles in urban environments. This electric bike has a range of more than 100 km with a 48V 16 Ah battery. The electrical power is very easily controlled from a display on the handlebar. With 7 gears and 5 electric speeds, this ebike combines comfort and efficiency.

Modelo de bicicleta eléctrica Dakota

Dakota electric bike

The electric MTB you need. Its 840 Wh battery will give you the freedom to go further and faster. As modern as it is comfortable, it has front suspension so mountain descents will be much more enjoyable ... Thanks to the hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear wheels, you can control all your power and descend safely

Modelo de bicicleta eléctrica Ebroh

Ebroh electric bike

The Ebroh is a perfect combination of long battery life and comfort. Equipped with an L-frame and 28 wheels, a rear luggage rack and mudguards, this electric bike is the perfect choice for both city and country rides. The 40V 500Wh battery will have a life of up to 90km. This model is perfect for the taller ones. And very confortable very for long legs!

Carrito de bebe

Baby cart

Approximate proportions: 140/90/75 cm, with 2 safety belts (for 2 children with a maximum total weight of 35 kg).

Casco gratis


We provide a helmet for each bike. Mandatory for young people under 16. All sizes available, including for babies.

Sillita de bebé

Baby seat

Front and rear baby seats available with your bike. Your little one, up to 25kg, can ride with you.


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